Escape Room Items
Escape Room Items

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Ready to Get The World Thinking!!


Let us take you on an exciting adventure that’s perfect for families, friends, students or co-workers!

If you’re looking for a fun and new way to challenge your mind, get in touch with friends online, this is it.

We have amazing online games for schools, teambuilding, tournaments and more. 

 $5.95 - Six Devices up to 6 Players. NO HOST  1-2 hours

$35.00 - Six Devices and up to 6 players.  Audio lead game  1 hour

$69.95 One Hour game up to Six Devices up to 6 Players. LIVE AVATAR 1 hour


 Stanley grew up different than everyone else. He always noticed that there were patterns that he could see and other people couldn’t. By the time he was nine years old he graduated College. He was invited to participate in a special magic school for gifted beings. His teacher Melinda May is the most highly regarded teacher in the magical universe. 


He started Help US Escape to help beings protect their valuables and secretly he helps the Royal court of Magic protect magical artifacts. Help us escape tests security systems by trying to break in to them. They also hunt down and acquire artifacts that have been stolen from its clients. Using the magical abilities he has learned from his training he helps find stolen magical artifacts from the magical realms. 


You are invited to start training with Alan our best, Help Us Escape Agent. Get your team together and follow the time line of Stanley's Life. Face the same trials as Stanley learns to make secure puzzles and patterns to stop His Dad from finding his phone in Stanley's Room, Play Stanley's Toy Box 1997 his lost video game.  His first day of school in M School of Magic. The recovery of the monkey paw diamond In Casino Office Robbery 2010.  In Casino Owner strikes back and you need to Help Alan Escape.


Once you have completed 1996-2011 you will officially be a Help Us Escape Agent 

Agents receive early access to our next mission Damien's Revenge.  Agents also receive 

invites to beta test and get early information about the next mission. 


Point and Click 

Point and Click 


Point and Click 

Cosmic Pink

Damien's Revenge

Point and Click 


Try Our New Line Of Online  Escape room games.

FIVE games and more on the way. 

Multiple options available. 

Book the Time and Date that works best for you or start with your team now!

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Limited Availability for our Live Avatar games

Great for class rooms, tournaments, team building,

escape room & mystery room enthusiasts.


Our games have 360 Room Views, optional inventory system,

3-D objects, Gifs, fun story line, original puzzles, 

New Escape rooms Tech & more. 


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