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TWO Online Escape Room games in one fun story line.
360 view with hot spots photos. 

Your mission if you accept is to retrieve the Monkey Paw diamond.  The casino owner stole this rare artifact. You have the ability to complete this mission as a team anytime before or after your schedule live stream of Mission five . 

Starts right where the Mission Four leaves off. Your agent is in trouble and needs your teams help. Connect to your agents live camera. Guide the agent through the rooms, puzzles, disarm the bomb, and escape the room. 

ONLY $74.95 for up to SIX Players and Six Devices!!!

Hours of entertainment for one low price. 


Click the Robbery Intel to research your upcoming job. 

Play from your Home, Apartment or Office. Add 

more fun and download our zoom background. 


Up to 6 players and 6 Devices per game.

We can stream up to 6 Phones, Tablets or Computers at once. 

Mission Four  -  Is a seek and solve point and click online team escape room. All players must click on the link at the same time to play. It works best if you use a computer, phone or tablet in landscape. Refresh if you have any

screen issues. You have 72 hours from your booking to finish mission four. 


Mission five is more fun if you complete mission four first.

Mission Five - Is a online live stream escape room played over Zoom and Telescape. A live avatar acts as your agent that is trapped in the casino owners office. You and your team must find a way to help you agent solve puzzles, disarm the bomb and escape. 

Device one: Zoom Call - Device Two: Telescape Link


1. You must instruct the agent to do everything.

They will not start anything unless instructed. 

2.  If stuck, Ask for a hint. 

3.  If you need a update ask,

the Agent will repeat all current clues. 

4. Use Live Feed plus Photos to solve clues. 

5. Time starts exactly at scheduled time. Please make sure you and your team are log in to the ZOOM  Feed.

6. Everyone must agree what to do next. 

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