Digitize your brick and mortar escape room!

Telescape is the best way to host your brick and mortar escape rooms online. Every client that uses me to digitized their escape rooms has always said the same thing. “I did not think you could digitize that” “I did not think you could transfer that to a digital format” I CAN HELP You!!

If you are considering digitizing your brick and mortar escape room. Let me show you the TEN games i have made for clients.

  • Stanleys Room (Digitized).

  • The Haunted Theater (Digitized)

  • Atlantis (Digitized)

  • Stanleys Toy Box. (custom made) FOR SALE $2500

  • Undead Desert. ( custom made)

  • Late for the Holidays ( custom made)

  • Robbery at the Casino ( Digitized) FOR SALE $3500

  • Keynote Sabotage. ( custom made)

  • Live Trivia. (Custom made)

  • M school of Magic. (DIGITIZED)

  • Damiens Revenge. (Custom made)


Custom Corporate team building games and escape rooms:

 $65 hour plus picture costs.

Average is 14-21 days at 5 hours a day, MAGIC MODE GAMES CODE-LESS. Players use mouse to control everything.

DIGITIZING your escape room to Telescape:

$50 and hour.

(You must supply 360 photos, photos, videos and schematic) You will receive instructions what to take the photos of and how we need them to complete the room properly. MAGIC MODE GAMES, CODE-LESS. Players only use mouse to control everything.

Average time is 7-14 days at 5 hours a day

Digitizing your escape room to help your Live Avatar?

$50 an hour

(You must supply 360 photos, photos, videos and schematic) You will receive instructions what to take the photos of and how we need them to complete the room properly.

GM HYBRID MODE, CODED Game. Your player enters codes or GM enters codes.

Average Time 2-4 days, 5 hours a day.

Need a Telescape consultant?

I work hourly.  $50 a month will get you One hour of time discussing your needs. Can be split into four 15 minute segments.

I have helped escape room owners and GMs to get back to work. Let me help you. I am dedicated only to working on Telescape games at this time. DM me to set up a zoom call so I can show you everything I can do for you! Hope to talk soon.



Don't take our word for it!!   Let Daniel show you his work. 


Players can play your new game up to three ways. 

Remote Online with actor or audio.

  1. Host the game live online with an actor avatar at a fixed location.

    Players  play online 24/7 

  2. Have players play a stand alone version online without anyone 24 hours a day.

    Bring your service to the next level with these amazing new concept games, 

  3. We can Create the Escape Room or break in game of your choice.  We can customize a White Label game to match your brand. From Supernatural, Robbery, Kid Friendly, Technical, Classic  and or  Adult theme games. We make them all.


  5. Made for groups of 2-6 people at a time. They try to solve your Escape Room or Break In Game,


  7. Games can range from 10 minutes to 4 hours. 


  9. We create a game based off your requests. We can Customize any Escape room to your requests. We will choose the best games that complement your theme.  

  11. We supply everything your need to have a professional custom original escape room game for your company. 


Please contact us at 951-479-3917 or  Fill out this form.

You can also place the deposit for your escape room below if you are interested in having us create an amazing white label game for your company.
Once we receive your signed contract and deposit it begins. 

Our White Label game comes with everything you need to start hosting your custom game in days or weeks. We use a third party company called Telescape to make the digital games. There is a fee to host your game on Telescape. The cost ranges from .50 Cents -$1 a game.  

Mobile Escape Room Party started the concept in January 2017.  We started selling the concept in 2018 to other party services, casino party services & Corporations for team Building. In 2020 we started Help us escape  working with some to help them with their escape rooms turn into remote online rooms. Now we are selling those skills and making games for hire. 


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