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Damiens Box

Total Cost $495.00                Deposit $145.00

Can You help before time runs out?

Damiens Box was found and picked up by a local shop owner. They have reported issues of strange sounds and seeing dark shadows coming from the box. Are you brave enough to find the clues to open Damiens Box and expel the demons?   

Based off of groups of 2-6 People per game.

4 hours of service

  • 15 minute  games  up to 72 players in 4 hours

  • 20 minute  games  up to 48 players in 4 hours

  • 30 minute  games  up to 36 players in 4 hours

The fasted groups that play wins prizes. 

Scream of horror. Screaming woman face.
Robbery At the Casino Party: Rooms
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