Total Cost $695.00             Deposit $195.00

Escape the Dispensary $695.00

Escape the Dispensary $695.00

Escape The Dispensary 

Can You Break out before time runs out?

Your Dispensary just received award winning Cannabis. The Dispensary Created a way for a select few to have a gram of it. Solve all the Puzzles and clues left in the dispensary to access the store safe. 

Based off of groups of 2-6 People per game.

4 hours of service

  • 15 minute  games  up to 72 players in 4 hours

  • 20 minute  games  up to 48 players in 4 hours

  • 30 minute  games  up to 36 players in 4 hours

The fasted groups that play wins prizes. 



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