Escape Room Items
Escape Room Items

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The New ONLINE ESCAPE ROOM Games using Telescape.

We make multiplayer online puzzle room games on Telescape for clients all across the World.Sign up Become a member of our site to see what we can do for your escape rooms. 

Help Us Escape Room Games

Custom Made Live Escape Rooms Turned Digital.

Team Building Games, Digital Games, Locks and Puzzles.

Let our team make your online Telescape Game.



Every client that uses us to digitized their escape room, has always said the same thing.

“I did not think you could digitize that”

“I did not think you could transfer that to a digital format”

I can help you too!!

If you are considering digitizing your real life game to Telescape. 

 Let me show you the many games we have made for clients below. 

Try Our New Line Of Online Virtual Escape Room games.

Great for class rooms, tournaments, team building,

escape room & mystery room enthusiasts.


Game of the month Space Lock : Trip to Terra8


Up to Six Players and Six Devices can play together at once.


We make games that have 360 Room Views, optional inventory system,

3-D objects, animated Gifs, fun story lines, original puzzles, 

New Escape rooms Tech, Live Chat  & more.


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