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What is An Outdoor Escape Room Game?

We provide a local interactive map during your game. This amazing adventure is fun but challenging.

Teams will have 120 minutes to finish the game. Be sure to arrive early to check in. If you’re late, your game will have less time to complete.

Your team will start at our office in 3202 Doheny way, Dana Point CA. Here you and your team will check in and start the game you reserved.

Up to 6 players at once.

Our games are solved on foot within a defined area located on your interactive map. You’ll be walking – it’s just like doing an escape room, but outdoors! There are lite physical activities but you could be walking or on your feet for up to 120 minutes. We have a mobility scooter for one player. (Max speed 4mph)

Remember to bring your phone to enter the solutions to the puzzles and clues your solve.

You should not interaction with different teams. In fact you may see them during the game. Don't share information. It is against the rules. No taking pictures of clues, puzzles, solutions or any portions of the playable game.

Although there are no age restrictions, these games are designed for adults with children. Children ages 15 or under must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Children under 10 rarely understand or are even able to contribute to the game.

Clues are available if you need help.

Games are generally linear, but at times there will be multiple paths to follow. Your team can occasionally split up, however there will be times when everyone must work together.

Multiple teams might be playing at once. You’re competing against the clock. A leaderboard with fastest times will be posted and entered to win our 2023 season grand prize.

Use us for your next Dana Point Adventure. We make games for families and groups to enjoy life not fear it. All our Escape Games have no fear base. All Fun, exciting games and puzzles.

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