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Total Cost                                                                $5495.00

Deposit                                                                    $2000.00

Balance Due on day of pick up or Shipping          $3495.00


Perfect with a casino night party Company:

Made By DADs Casino Party

NACPO Member

Bring your casino service to the next level and

offer your own Robbery at the Casino Night, 


Made for groups of 2-6 people at a time try to Rob the casino owners office that is set up at the event . Games can range from 10 minutes to 30 mintues. 


Use a variety of puzzles and clues to try and

Rob the Casino owners office that we set up at your event.

You need to break in to the casino party safe in time to succeed 

The winners get to use the raffle tickets from the safe to win a prize at the end of the night. 


The fasted group that plays wins a prize. 


​You can set up anywhere inside your clients house, office, event venue or

outside. We just need a 10*10 ft area. 

We supply everything your need to have a professional escape room game for your event company. 

Robbery at the Casino Party. White Label

  • We do our best to create these games and customize them to your party company, If you choose to cancel your order your deposit becomes non-refundable. 

    • One Person needed to set up and operate the game. 

    • Game Includes at least Two ways to play with multiple clues of the same boxes, lock and puzzles. 

    • 10, 15 and 20  minute custom timers included

    • Rules Video Included.  

    • One Touch Screen Tablet Included for timer, rules video and to take photos of the winners. 

    • 10*10 ft Pop Up Tent Included with Senic Office Backdrops on three walls. 

    • 10*10 ft wall dividers included for inside events with low ceilings, Senic Backdrops attach to Tent and Wall Dividers to create a Casino owners office. 

    • Tent Light                               

    • UV Light Game with Lock and Backdrop Clue. (Five UV flashlights included)
    • Magnet Game, Box with Lock and Clues. (Two extra magnets included & locks included) 
    •  Two Starter Boxes RFiD with Two extra custom keys and Red Herring Keys (Battery Powered)
    • Two Middle Boxes RFiD with Two keys, (master key Included)   
    • Two Color Combination Locks,(master code included)
    • Lock Box w/ latch and Color Lock with two color lock codes 
    • Custom Electronic EM Lock Box, Table with Choose Game and Clues. (Uses Electricity must be plugged in. Comes with two set of key and two sets of clues.  
    • Safe with Keys, Fingerprint Bio and number code lock. Three ways to open, (Finger print, Code and set of keys) 
    • Fake Thumb drive included
    • Medium Wood box and knob lock with key
    • Light Bulb with Lamp, Key and lock Box. (extra key included) 
    • Four UV Pens Included
    • Instructions to the game & devices
    • Red Herrings (Chips, Fruit, Cards & Décor)
    • 2 Folding Tables with Cloth covers (Two Square) 
    • Extension Cord and outlet strip
    • Two Chairs     
    • Master set of Keys & Codes 
    • Training included in Hesperia California 
    • Game takes up to 14 business days to completeonce deposit is complete. 

    • Delivery is $500- $750

    • On site training is $500.00a Day plus Flight, Hotel and expenses.  6 Hours of trainging is needed.  


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