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 Shadow Moon   4-22-3269K

Melinda May Mage Stone Secrets Reveled 

When I was younger I was one of the first students to be accepted in the magic class. We were in the class when she discovered the Mage Stone. It was amazing. It could lock a box just by touching to the lid. It leaves a Mark on the box and seals it. Nothing could open it, the magic was so powerful it made any box impenetrable.


You can touch the Mage Stone to the Mark and it opens the box. What shes not telling you!! No one else can use it but her and a select few of her students. It has terrible side effects. I am living proof that if you try to use the Mage Stone again you transform into something DARKER!!


Written by Damien La Claww

Many sides to every story & One Truth

The opinions of this reporter  are mine and does not reflect the views of

 The Majestic Post or Royal Court Of Magic. 

What is written is not always seen. Search the Darkness for the Truth.

The true Seed Of the World with Gemini and Cancer combined,

The Dark Light will always show more that you see. 

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