AS COVID-19 destroys most Brink and Mortar ESCAPE ROOMS.

We have Developed NEW LIVE STREAM VIRTUAL ESCAPE ROOM GAMES March 13th 2020 we introduced Live avatar escape rooms and with the Help of Telescape we turned our Mobile Escape rooms digital.  As of august  we have re modeled all our our games to virtual escape rooms. 


Our new team point and click puzzle games are a huge hit.  Up to 6 players and devices per game. 
Players see each other's mouse cursors giving an increased sense of togetherness and making collaboration easier. Work together to seek and solve everything.  360 views, Hot spots, 3-D objects, Puzzles and hints.  Search the room and seek out the objects you need to solve the puzzles in the room.

We use Telescape to make our White label games for other escape room companies . You can purchase any of our games or devices we have for sale. 

We started building escape rooms in January 2018. We Created Americas first truly Mobile Escape Room. We just need a 10 x 10 ft area inside or outside (weather permitting). We created the Multiple Game Play layout with Portable devices. Using Bluetooth, Rfid, EM locks and Custom built Electronic Furniture.  Our designs and concepts are new to the industry. We create all of our escape game devices in house. We sell devices, live escape rooms and Mobile escape rooms all across the nation.

Create By DADs Poker www.DADsCasinoParty.com

Need a white label game? We can help. Contact us now. 

Huge Thank you to all the 2018 -2020

Clients that use us for their escape room parties