Total Cost $49.95  for up to One Hour Class

We live stream to up to 6 phones, computers or tablets.

Play with your friends and family from different locations. 

$69.95 for a One Hour game up to Six Devices.

up to 6 Players.

Use our new inventory system to help live play. 


Your Adventure starts when you click the SYLLABUS

ALL Winning Teams receive our an entry to play

Stanley's Toy Box 1997

Online Point and Click Escape Room Free.

Call 951-479-3917

to set up a time for you and

your family to play.



1. You must instruct the agent to do everything.

They will not start anything unless instructed. 

2.  If stuck, Ask for a hint. 

3.  If you need a update ask,

the Agent will repeat all current clues. 

4. Use Live Feed plus Photos to solve clues. 

5. Time starts exactly at scheduled time. Please make sure you and your team are log in to the ZOOM  Feed.

6. Everyone must agree what to do next. 


16808 Main St D-155 Hesperia CA 92345

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