Virtual Online Games 

Complete our games from your Phone, Tablet or Computer.

Six Devices and players to play together at once!!

​ALL on Telescape.

Let us take you on an exciting adventure that’s perfect for families, friends, students or co-workers!

If you’re looking for a fun and new way to challenge your mind, get in touch with friends online, this is it.

We have amazing online virtual escape rooms for schools, teambuilding, tournaments and more.

Please play some of the games we have made for clients here. 

Our Portfolio of Online Games

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  • Gif animations 

  • Drag An Drop Puzzles

  • Realistic Push Button Locks 

  • Video Rewards

  • Dynamic Inventory System

  •  Realistic Locks 

Real life escape rooms we turned digital using Telescape

  • Multiple 360 interactive spheres   

  • Multiple Players at once 

  • 1-10 Connected Devices at once

  • Live GM Over Zoom 

  • Video Feed + Telescape

  • Automatic Sound Effects


                Escape Room LA 


                    The Haunted Theater 

                    The Four Elements






                     Great Scott Escape

                  Who Killed Bugsy








                      The Escape Challenge

                   Casino Office Robbery


                     ATG Escape Room Concord 

                      Stanley's Room


                    Catch 22

                     The Night Before 

                Escape Live UK









Live Avatar escape rooms using Zoom & Telescape

  • 360 degree views

  • 1-10 Players at once

  • 1-10 Devices at once

  • Live Avatar Over Zoom Feed

  • Video Feed + Telescape

The Puzzle Effect

The Curse on the Emerald Seas


Pipe works Red

Pipe works Blue

Grim Stacks

Custom games made for clients using Zoom & Telescape

  • 360 degree views

  • 1-10 Players at once

  • 1-10 Devices at once

  • Live Avatar or GM Over Zoom Feed

  • Video Feed + Telescape

ATG Escape Room Concord 

Trapped in Stanley's Room 

Operation Back Up

​CNY Virtual ​Attractions 

Zombie Desert

​Late for the Holidays


Games Coming Soon

Space Station ( Name is Secret)

Damien's Revenge

M School Of Magic

Circus Life 

Prisoner Escape

Four elements.jpg
CAtch 22.png


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