Play from your Phone, Tablet,

Smart TV or Computer. 

We Live Stream The Escape Rooms to You

Try Our New Line Of Online Live Streamed Escape Rooms &

with Live Avatar. 

You and your group using only your voices will instruct an agent what to do. 

Book the Time and Date that works best for you.  360 Room Views, Inventory System, 3-D objects and more. 

Seek & Solve Online Puzzle Rooms

$9.95 up to 6 players and 6 devices

Average time over an hour 

Celebrity Sunday  July 12th and 19th

Play with John Lehr 

Plan on playing all of our games?

Save on your next live game and check out our new programs. 

Live Stream Trivia Games  New Games Each Week


Last Day to Play Stanleys Toy Box is June 30th 2020!!  


Last Day to Play M School Of Magic in July 30th 2020!!


Last Day to Play the New Casino Office Robbery is August 30th 2020!!

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