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The Mysteries  of Bouchard's Treasure TM

It was a dark and stormy night in 1818. The wind howled and the rain beat down on the coast of California. In the harbor, a ship was anchored. The ship was called the Santa Rosa, and it was the flagship of the pirate Hippolyte de Bouchard.

Bouchard was a French pirate who had been terrorizing the Spanish for years. He had captured ships, stolen treasure, and even burned towns to the ground. But now, he was in trouble. The Spanish had caught him, and he was being held prisoner in the Presidio at Monterey.

Bouchard knew that he would never be able to escape from the Presidio on his own. But he also knew that he had to try. He had to find a way to get back to his ship and continue his pirate career.

One day, Bouchard was given a chance to escape. A group of Spanish prisoners were being exchanged with a group of French prisoners. Bouchard was among the French prisoners, and he was able to slip away during the exchange.

Bouchard made his way back to his ship, the Santa Rosa. He and his crew set sail, and they quickly disappeared into the night.

The Spanish were furious. They had lost a valuable prisoner, and they were determined to catch Bouchard. They sent ships after him, but Bouchard was too fast. He sailed away from the Spanish and into the open ocean.

Bouchard continued his pirate career for many years. He captured ships, stole treasure, and burned towns to the ground. But he never forgot his escape from the Presidio at Monterey. And he never forgot the treasure he left behind off the California Coast.

The year is 2023. Dr. Charles Santiago, a marine archaeologist, is working on a dig in Dana Point when he makes an incredible discovery: a pirate treasure chest! The chest is dated December 15, 1818, and it has a special lock that no one has been able to open.

Dr. Santiago has left behind a series of clues to help you solve the mystery of the Bouchard’s treasure. The clues are hidden throughout Dana Point, and the reader must use their ingenuity to find them. Once the reader has found all the clues, they will be able to piece together the mystery and find the treasure.

  • Game start Location:
    3202 Doheny Way,
    Dana Point CA 92629

  • Ages 10 and up 

  • Online Outdoor Puzzle Adventure

Small Wooden Chest Locked.E01.2k.png
Treasure Map.B01.2k.png

Base on True events

Try and solve this online adventure here then head to watermans plaza in Dana Point CA and play the rest. 
Can you make the Leaderboard?

Swipe up or down to change the letters. If you think you have the answer correct. Click the blue Icon to unlock. 

Know the Key to Bouchard's Secrets!

Start the game now!

3202 Doheny Way, 

Dana Point CA 92629 


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