Online Escape Experience 

You have 48 hours at the hotel to solve all the mysteries. 

Check in and start a digital escape room experience like no other!

You will have the option to play cooperatively or competitively to solve all five  mysteries the HOTEL holds.

That’s right;

This game has Two escape room games for you to play,

all contained within this brand new experience. Each game could

take up to an hour or more to play!


Mystery of the Mulligan

Space Lock 5

A fun Arcade & scavenger hunt for the kids

Two ways to play 


Single Group up to 10 players $30.00 CAD

   Or    Competitively

Three teams of 4 players $75.00 CAD 

The Competitive mode:

  • It has a max of three teams (no maximum player count per team).

  • Each player will check into the individual hotel room for their team. (301, 302 or 303)

  • Teams will compete against each other for the first to solve & the fastest time with each mystery the hotel holds. 

  • A live leaderboard will display times for each game and update automatically as each team completes them.

  • In room shared inventory that your team collect clues and items in on place. 

  • Up to Ten devices can play together anywhere with access to WIFI

The Cooperative mode :

Kick back and relax in one of three hotel rooms you will be able to access when you check in.

  • All players will check into the same room and play through each of the escape rooms together but can explore on their own.

  • Players share information and help each other solve the mysteries of the HOTEL together.

  • Up to Ten devices can play together anywhere with access to WIFI

Special Game Features:

  1. Explore all four floors of the hotel to find the information you need to unlock each game.

  2. Customized welcome screen with the team name displayed at check and on display on your team rooms welcome screen.

  3. Tutorial for less experienced players

  4.  48 hours to solve everything. 


Hotel Hijinks is the first episode in the Hotel Escape and Casino point-and-click game series!

Play as a single team and work together to solve the first set of puzzles within the hotel, or play with up to 3 teams and compete against each other to see who can finish the game the fastest!

This game is available in single-team and multi-team options.

You can also play competitively against other teams from around the world! Register below for our upcoming Monthly Tournament where you can compete against other teams for your chance to claim worldwide bragging rights!





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