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Family Friendly Escape Room  for your game night.

Ages  10  to Adult.  Up to SIX Players

Difficulty Easy -Medium 

Help Us Escape made this game in March and April 2020

The help of Thomas from Telescape. It was our vision to make a system players could play escape rooms games virtually together online. We try to make these games as close to how you would play in person. Please support ATG Escape Rooms in Concord. They purchased the game in November of 2020 and hosting it for players with a Live games master online over Telescape and Zoom.

It can stream up to Six  Phones, Tablets or Computers at once.

Play with your friends and family online. 

Up to 6 Players.  Average Game 1-2 hours

Test your skills on a fun basic escape room style.

It is great for anyone who has or has not completed an escape room game. 

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