Real Life turned digital

Custom made digital games
Let our team make real life to digital.
Our new team point and click puzzle games are a huge hit for our clients.  Up to 10 players and devices per game. Players see each other's mouse cursors giving an increased sense of togetherness and making collaboration easier. Work together to seek and solve everything.  360 views, Hot spots, 3-D objects, Puzzles and hints.  Search the room and seek out the objects you need to solve the puzzles in the room. View our Portfolio of games

  • How to Play Sections

  • Custom Tutorials 

  • Custom Inventory screens

  • Custom Hint systems

  • Point systems

  • 2D Games creation 

  • 3D Object creation 

  • Hotspots An Draggables 

  • Custom Gif creation

  • Custom PNG creation

  • 360 Degree game sphere

  • Custom Game Assets  

  • Realist Locks

  • Custom Puzzles

  • Clickable Timers and Clocks

  • Books with turntable pages

  • Custom Games

  • Competitive or Cooperative styles

  • Digital transformation for your real life room to Telescape.