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Family Friendly Online Point and Click Escape Room  for your game night.

Ages  10 to Adult. SIX Players & SIX  Devices 

Difficulty Medium 

​Holiday Dinner Rush 

Your home from college and wake up late!! You have little time to get everything on your moms list ready before family arrives! Can you get everything done before the first guest Arrives? 

Instant Collaborative Team game.

Use any video call platform you prefer to collaborate with your team. Everyone uses the same link to sign into the game. Each game link last days and saves your place if you need to come back to it later..

Book now and get an instant conformation..

We can stream up to 6 Phones, Tablets or Computers.

$4.95 for a one game up to 6 Devices and  6 players

Average game last over an hour.

You have 72 hours from purchase to play.  

Check you Spam if you don't receive a code instantly 

Instructions and Helpful Hints.
Click the game link. the prompt will ask you to enter your name. 
Type your name and then wait for the rest of your group to sign in. 
Type "start"  and press reveal. 
Once inside. 
Treat this a a real escape room, look around and try to interact
with objects around the room by clicking on them. 


Your mouse curser will change when you can interact with an object. 
You can drag and re arrange items to solve the puzzle. 
You complete the correct sequence to unlock an item or move on.
Use your mouse to  an click on a locks numbers and or letters to rotate them 
to the correct combination and press unlock or the corresponding button in the puzzle.
Use your computer or laptop for the best experience 
Play in landscape on your phone or tablet for the best experience 


Do you have a solution?

Enter it in the input field and press reveal. 
if your solution is correct you will be alerted 


Alert other players with you discover something. 
Communication is the most important factor

in solving escape rooms.

Our GM is connected to the hints chat field

in your game from 8am to 8pm PST. California 
If you need a hint just ask. We will get back to you as fast as we can. 


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