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Game Show Style Trivia Games

60 Minute Party
$59.95 up to 6 teams, 
4 Players per team. 
30 Minute Party
$35.00 up to 6 teams, 
4 Players per team. 

Trivia@Home is a game show style game with Trivia questions, games, challenges and puzzles. Try this new Live Stream Game Show with friends and Family. Each team member uses the Trivia@Home sidekick to view questions, videos, pictures, puzzles and challenges quickly.    

  • Professional Game Show Host

  • Device one:  Zoom Video Call

  • Device Two:  Trivia@Home Sidekick

  • Up to Six Devices

  • Up to Six Teams, Four players per team

  • $5 Gift Card for the winner 

  • A Computer in split screen works well . Half Zoom Call / Half  Trivia Sidekick

  • A Tablet and Phone 

  • Our sidekick works with any computer, phone or tablet. 

Weekly Trivia Games $15-$20 Per Team Sign Up Here. Weekly Prize and Entry in to Next game Free. 

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