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Only $50 a month or One hour of help.

 We will help you with your Telescape game as a consultant for up to one hour a month. You can split this into four 15 minute segments.  You will receive a private booking page to communicate with your consultant.  


Telescape Consultant book you time from 8am -8pm PST. 6 days a week  


We can help with: 

1. Custom builds

2. Puzzles and Lock 

3. Actions

4. Conditions

5. Iframe

6. 3-d Objects

7. Problem Solving

8. Gif Animation

9. Photos

10. Hotspots

11. Profile Creation

12. Trick and Hints

13. Timer Puzzles

14. Turnable books ( Not Gallery view)

15. 360 photos ( Taking them, Apps, Tricks and More)

16.  Live Avatar Escape Rooms

17. Stand alone escape rooms

18. Audio Escape Rooms

19. Most telescape functions and connected services.  

Telescape Consultant