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The Toy Box

Total Cost $750.00               Deposit $250.00

Can You Break In before time runs out?

 My Children are genius, but they can also be trouble makers. They heard about your event today and hid all the Prizes and Raffle tickets. He hid them in his toy box. They think they are so smart and no one can figure it out. I know you guys have the brains help.

The winners get raffle tickets to win prizes at the end of the night . 

Based off of groups of 2-6 People per game.

4 hours of service

  • 15 minute  games  up to 72 players in 4 hours

  • 20 minute  games  up to 48 players in 4 hours

  • 30 minute  games  up to 36 players in 4 hours

The fasted groups that play wins prizes. 

Wooden Cars
Robbery At the Casino Party: Rooms
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